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GTS was originated modern warfare 3 after defeating many others we put the clan to a stop until we heard that Halo 4 will luanch november 6, 2012 we will rebot the clan on luanch date of Halo 4 (date might be changed)
Support Number(862)-354-1854

Gamer-tags​​:J3ff th3 ki113r
(Gamer-tag Pending)= current Tinplague01
 Main Line- (973)-738-2709
Monday-Thursday 4:00PM-10:00PM+ Weekends
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To schedule a clan battle go to the guest database and comment or for a alternate choice of communication Email us Or for the Fastest Way of Communication Call our Support number Listed Bellow.
All phones only availible 4:00PM TO 10:00PMDO NOT CALL EARLYER